Friday, August 27, 2010

Some sort of update:-)

Wow it seems there is never enough time to golf, work , play, knit, sew, quilt, travel. I have been doing all of that and sort of forgot about this. I am going to try to post here a little more often.

Stitches Midwest-
My friends Diane, Jessica and I just got back from a great conference featuring knitting. We all took a couple of classes and returned very inspired to start new projects. Of course it also forces us to finish projects so as not to be overwhelmed in our "knittiness!" Casual color seemed to be the theme of the show with tons of hand dyed yarns. I have finished knitting 2 things already this week that just need some assembly. I have a few other projects that need buttons, zippers and such, then it's off to the new!

Newsletter is finished just need to get to the printer on Monday and will probably send the email version this weekend if I don't get too many interruptions.